Shooter mit Grafiken aus PG/AG

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Shooter mit Grafiken aus PG/AG

Beitrag von SmashTheAxis » Mo 3. Jan 2011, 13:50

Ich hab ein Shootergame mit den Einheiten-Grafiken aus Panzer General/Alied General erstellt!

Game description:

Luftwaffe Strike is a simple scrolling shooter game set in World War II using graphics from the strategy classic Panzer General by SSI.

You control a german fighter airplane (either Bf-109, FW190, Bf-110 or Me-262 jet fighter) and fight against masses of allied fighters, bombers and ground forces. Try to survive and shoot down as many enemies as possible. Do not hit friendly planes or targets or you lose score. 4 levels take you from Britain to North Africa and from to Russia to Germany.


use the arrow keys to control the plane
use the <space> bar to fire
in level 3 use <b> to drop bombs
in level 4 use <r> to shoot rocktets

use <Esc> to quit the game

Press buttons 1-4 on mainscreen to jump to level.

Level 1: The Battle of Britain
Level 2: North Africa
Level 3: Stalingrad
Level 4: Skies over Germany

Version 1.000
Made by SmashTheAxis 2010
Panzer General graphics (C) SSI


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Re: Shooter mit Grafiken aus PG/AG

Beitrag von Micha » So 2. Sep 2012, 20:44

Schönes Zwischendurchspiel, vielen Dank.


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