My details under player name

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My details under player name

Beitrag von Avenger » Mo 9. Jul 2018, 05:44

I have registered at the Panzerliga website quite some time ago, but noticed that many of my details are still missing or incorrect. When I look at the "Rangliste" and click on my player name an email window opens up. How can I fill in my details?

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Re: My details under player name

Beitrag von Terif » Mo 9. Jul 2018, 09:48

The window that opens is the so called "Wehrpass" with the personal data you want to share with the public. After registration it is obviously empty until you yourself fill it with life :-).

You can enter the data by login into Panzerliga via "memberlogin". You can find it directly on the homepage if you scroll a bit down or in the left side menu under "general" -> "memberlogin".

After login you can change your "Wehrpass" data with "Edit your PL-Passport" and fill in / change the things you want the public to know about you.

P.S.: via "memberlogin" you can also change your e-mail adress, password or enter vacation times when you wont be able to play. While you have no time to play just set yourself to "inaktiv" and when you want to play again you can change your status back to "aktiv".


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