Neo-Nazis outnumbered at historic site

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Neo-Nazis outnumbered at historic site

Beitrag von jon_j_rambo » So 26. Jun 2005, 12:03

We got Nazis in the US? What the? ... index.html

YORKTOWN, Virginia (CNN) -- Standing at what was once a U.S. Revolutionary War battlefield, about 125 Neo-Nazis and sympathizers held a rally Saturday while two groups of counter demonstrators protested.

One of the counter demonstrations had about twice as many people.

Some of the Neo-Nazis gathered at Yorktown Battlefield dressed in traditional Nazi garb, with brown shirts and swastika arm bands. Many had shaved heads, and called out "Sieg Heil," a slogan of Nazi Germany.

National Socialist Movement leader Jeff Schoep railed against immigrants, calling them "putrid scum" that are "pouring over our borders, destroying our culture, and robbing us of our heritage."

"We must secure the existence of white people and the future of white children," another speaker said.

In its application for a permit, the movement said it was "inviting the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads, Aryan nations, and any other patriotic groups" to take part.

About a third of the participants in the rally were aligned with the Neo-Nazi movement, while others included skinheads and some Klan members, organizers said.

Some participants waved American flags, while others waved flags with swastikas on them.

Bill White, a spokesman for the movement -- which calls itself "America's Nazi Party" -- acknowledged the turnout was not large.

In a nearby field -- separated by barricades from the Neo-Nazi rally -- about 250 counter demonstrators shouted for an end to such hatred. The protest was organized by a messianic synagogue and six other religious institutions.

Because the event took place on a Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, many Jewish synagogues were unable to participate.

About a mile away, a second counter demonstration was held. Organizers called it a "tolerance rally." Those participants said shouting at the Neo-Nazis only helps fuel the fire of Neo-Nazi hatred.

Yorktown Battlefield was the site of the last major battle of the Revolutionary War.


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