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Release date

Beitrag von Pfeiffer » Fr 2. Dez 2005, 11:26


Being the first of the month and considering some of the content in recent threads I felt it was only appropriate to post some further info on SC2 development status.

As you know our goal was to have this game finished by the end of this year and while I have been working away feverishly, double time in the last six months, unfortunately at this point it looks like we will be holding off release a little while longer.

While it would have been great to get this game in everyone's hands for Christmas we wanted to first and foremost make sure we delivered a final product that was properly finished and not, as RLEETE has pointed out, arbitrarily tied into the up coming sales season.

The good news is that the game is VERY close. Beta testing reports that the game plays very well and that the balancing is just about right. There has also been a lot of positive feedback on the new features such as Weather, Production Delay, Diplomacy, and the expanded Atlantic and not to mention the flexibility of the Editor.

While we’ll all have to wait a bit longer, myself included, before the game is wrapped up I do hope you will find any necessary delays worth it as I think the game will offer much more depth and flexibility than anything else similar.


... so we'll wait a little bit longer :(
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Beitrag von Amadeus » Fr 2. Dez 2005, 11:54

Hauptsache das Spiel wird gut und kommt weitgehend ohne Bugs.

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Beitrag von jon_j_rambo » Sa 4. Feb 2006, 09:19

any news on SC-2 date? I see nothing? Is Yoda testing it?
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