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Install PGII

Beitrag von jbackbier » Di 11. Nov 2008, 18:18

Every so often I find my pgii disc back and I try to install it. Still having problems. I basically get to the welcome screen and the mouse will move for a few seconds and then it dies/crashes. I'm running xp and vista and it doesn't work on either.

I've patched in various ways and set comp modes in various ways but no luck so far. Any guidance would be appreciated.


M. Kessler
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Beitrag von M. Kessler » Di 11. Nov 2008, 19:15

We can help you, I hope :dance:

I only don´t know the excetly word in english, but I hope you can understand me.

You click the right mousetap on the destop and going to the last Point (in german "Eigenschaften") Than you go to the last letter (in german "Einstellungen") under the color are two buttons. you click to the right (german "Erweitern"). Than you go to the last letter in font (german: Problembehandlung) Here is the hardwarespeed - You set the cusor on the 3 Point form left.

I hope you understand *gg*


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