Point scoring in PanzerCorps

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Point scoring in PanzerCorps

Beitrag von Sunray » Mi 19. Sep 2012, 12:14

I think the point scoring system does not work well for PanzerCorps and is confusing. I propose that the points system is changed to make it easier to understand. I suggest that we use :-
A. 3 POINTS for a Decisive Victory 2 POINTS for a simple Victory 3 POINTS for a simple victory when the scenario does not have a Decisive Victory.
B. Paired Match additional points:- 4 POINTS if you scored 6 points in A. 3 POINTS if you scored 4 or 5 points in A. 2 POINTS if you scored 2 or 3 points in A.
C. Action Bonus:- 1 POINT if a player finishes both games and has not scored any other points.
D. Gravity Bonus:- 2 POINTS on the Overall League Table if you opponent is 3 or more ranks above you.

What do you think ?


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