Scouting Bug?

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Scouting Bug?

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Movement with a unit may be undone, if no new enemy unit was detected. In this way it is possible to move a unit a field, undo the move, move again, ....
In this way it is possible to scout a lot with every normal unit and find an enemy unit without a risk of an ambush. This is especially usefull for ships or in bad weather.
In my eyes this is a bug, because if you do so an ambush will never happen and so a feature of the game is totally senseless.

Do not get me wrong, the undo function itself is ok. To move a unit to get a pre-combat report and the undo the move is ok and part of the game design. I use this very often.

What do you think about? I do not use this at all, so if I want to move into fog of war I do so. I had a lot a ambushes in this way and of cause this is annoying, but that is the way of war.

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Re: Scouting Bug?

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Yes, I saw that but didn't ask myself what you describe. Maybe it should be changed. I am not quite sure. :gaga:
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