WW3 Project - The Return.

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WW3 Project - The Return.

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Please see this first:


Hi Luigi,

it sounds very interesting to me. :eek:

I've understood your total concept as following:

The game plays in a fictive 3rd World War, where human players fight in various OG- Scenarios against each other. You play per PBEM with the most modern OG Units available for the different countries (Germany, Italy, USA, Britain, Sowjet Union, etc.)
- I'm quite curious to finally see the Panther IIF starting its engine ... - :dance:

Every Nation starts with 25 provinces which have more or less infrastructure (factories, research facilities, harbors, ...) and gets suitable prestige points.

Several people can play a Nation in the same team. :feier:

The gameplay itself is explained under the rules you have posted above...

I hope I understood everything so far...?

Best Regards,
08 15

@Matze: lets see, how the resonance is - if necessary, I would (try to) make a translation of the rules. :crazy:
But until then, tell us something - I've heard, you played that game before ...


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