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Guckst Du nur!
Hello sofa generals,

before you fill out the registration, some few things to consider:
  1. You need a valid E-mail adress that will be checked regularly
  2. Inadmissible are rank designations in the future league name (e.g. General Smith)
  3. Inadmissible are historically preloaded names for the future league name
  4. Inadmissible are already existing league names (-> player overview) or too similar ones (to avoid confusions)
To avoid nominal members, new players that didnīt play a game within 6 months after registration will be deleted.

The data you enter here, will NOT be entered automatically into your PL passport except for your League name and which games you play. I.e. if you want other players to see more informations from you, then you have to enter them manually into your PL passport (via members login). There you can also enter which languages you speak.

P.S.: Forum and League are separate, which means if you want to post in the forum you will have to register there first.
Last Name*:
First Name*:
Adress 1*:
Postal Code / ZIP*:
E-mail adress*:
League name*:
Repeat password*:
Play mode*: Email   Online   Both
Panzer General 1 YesNo
Allied General YesNo
Pacific General YesNo
Panzer General II YesNo
Panzer General 3D YesNo
Panzer General 3D/SE      YesNo
Peoples General      YesNo
Strategic Command      YesNo
Strategic Command 2      YesNo
Panzer Corps      YesNo
Open General      YesNo
I have read the privacy statement and accept its terms
Now you only have to send it...    
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