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Here are the most important things listed that every SC2-player needs to know if he wants to have a chance against other human players :-).

Generally there are no obligatory game specific rules in Panzerliga any more since SC 2 Version 1.01. It depends on the players to which rules and settings they agree and which scenario they choose.

Standard is:
Original 1939 Fall Weiss scenario Version 1.08. Fog of War, weather and production delay activated. Undo option and soft build limits deactivated.

Often used rule these days:
USA not allowed to move units away from its coast as long as it is neutral (to avoid sub hunting / blocking), everything else allowed.

In the original 1939 Fall Weiss scenario it doesn´t matter if you play a single or mirror game. In all other scenarios a mirror game (i.e. playing 2 games with switched sides) is recommended since they are usually not balanced.

If you have questions or suggestions, please send an email to Terif.

SC2 – Basics
Valid for Version 1.08 (+ v1.06 and 1.07 as in the new patch 1.08 there were no changes for multiplayer) and standard game in 1939 Fall Weiss scenario:

    War readiness:
  • Poland has to be forced to surrender before January 1940. Otherwise russian readiness increases by 6-14% each turn.

  • To keep russian readiness low, Axis have to place at least 1 unit in both Königsberg and Warsaw, or russian readiness increases by 4-6% each turn. Before January 1941 there has to be a third unit in the hex east of Warsaw or russian readiness increases by 6-10% each turn !

  • Axis can have a maximum of 4 units in or around Königsberg and 5 units in or around Warsaw without irritating Russia. Everyhing further away than 1 hex from those both cities doesn´t influence russian readiness.

  • If Allies leave one of the 4 Mediterranean positions Gibraltar, Malta, Tunis or Beirut empty, then italian readiness will increase by 6-10% each turn.

  • Declarations of War (DoW):
  • Romania and Hungary join Axis automatically end of 1940 as long as Spain is at least 40% in favour of Axis. Therefore Axis should not take any action (or allow enemy diplomacy) that reduces this value below the magical 40% before both minors have joined – like e.g. a DoW at Vichy ;-). Exception is of course if you plan to bring your minors onto your side by diplomacy

  • Axis DoW at Yugoslavia before Russia is in the war is a foolish action. Russia really doesn´t like it if someone marches into their backyard...same applies for Iraq, Iran and Turkey.

  • Neglection of diplomacy can lead very fast to serious drawbacks. Be it missing ore convois from Norway (pro Allies) or Sweden (<20% pro Axis), Allies starting their 30mpp convoi from Iraq (30% pro Allies) or e.g. Spain joining Axis – what usually means the total loss of the Mediterranean for Allies. Therefore you should check the diplomacy map preferably every turn and take appropriate actions like sending diplomats if necessary.

  • Also never neglect research if you want to have a longterm chance to win. Many units are nice to have for USA and Russia, but without tech they are just cannon fodder. Especially Infantery Weapons, Anti-Tank and Tank technology are indispensable since they can multiply combat effectiveness !

  • Game tips:
  • In SC 2 there are paratroopers that can jump behind enemy lines. You should always keep this in your mind and never leave important positions in your rear empty. For Axis it is a matter of surviving to never leave its capital Berlin unoccupied starting in latest mid/end of 1940. Though Germany has 2 capitals, both can be taken by paratroopers even from England directly if Allies researched some Long Range and built 2 of them. With their capitals gone, Germany will surrender no matter how much units are still in Russia or France !!

  • Ships in port are well protected and can´t be really attacked there by enemy ships. So it makes no sense bombarding ports with own ships to destroy enemy ships or transports hiding there – this is only a suicide mission since they will be blown to pieces by the coastal batteries protecting the port !
    Only subs, carriers and airfleets can attack ships in port directly. But against full strength defenders this is no good idea - except perhaps for subs – since then port defences will absorb around 2 damage points. So expected losses for the defender in port are usually 0, while the attacker will take enourmous damage.

  • When attacking ports, cities or other ressources and fortified positions with enemy units on them, ships and bombers always attack directly the ressource, while carriers and airfleets attack always the unit on the position.

  • To send carriers against airfleets is in SC 2 a very bad idea: carriers start with no combat abilities against airfleets and are only most welcome for target practice ! You can theoretically upgrade them to be able to fight against airfleets, but usually the costs stand in no proportion to the benefits since this is extremely expensive.

  • Landings:
    Never move amphibious transports to the coast before you declare war to the country you want to attack with them, cause then you can´t land them any more in this turn. So first DoW the target country, clear the seaway and then move the amphib transports for unloading to the coast
    As soon as all defenders around a port have been destroyed, you can capture the port by moving a land unit nearby. This way it belongs to you already in this turn and you can land more troops via normal transports (as long as the port is at strength 5 or higher of course). But keep in mind there has to be at least one friendly hex (own colour) around the port cause otherwise (i.e. all hexes still in enemy hand=enemy colour) it can not unload !
    Landings in North-America have to be well thought by Axis – cause then USA will mobilize the national defence (HQ, tank, army, 2 corps). Landings in Canada will additionally lead to an immediate war entry of the US.

  • As long as USA is still neutral their transports and ships should stay away from Spain+Portugal (11 hexes), Norway(6), Kiel(6) and Iceland (9 hexes), since otherwise this will lead to diplomatic consequences, not only with Russia. A neutral Italy on the other side also has to keep its fleet at least 6 hexes away from Gibraltar and 4 hexes from Alexandria or USA will be unhappy.

  • New in 1.04 vs 1.02:
  • Declarations of War (DoW) by Axis against Denmark and Norway do not increase US readiness any more. Additionally the effects of an allied DoW have been disarmed. So Axis can not ignore the northern part of the map any more - if Germany doesn´t conquer Norway, then Allies will most likely do it...;-).
  • Axis have to operate more carefully in the middle east: Declarations of War against Syria+Iraq can with some bad luck (25% chance) upset Turkey and even result in Turkey joining Allies.
  • Corps have been a bit weakened in offense. But more important: Fortifications are now no longer useless since units there will entrench immediately to level 3 and also the air defence bonus of cities for units defending them has been increased. So it is now far better possible to set up a defence line in the right territory and even hold it sometimes...so on the other side it is necessary for attackers to have a look at the expected combat losses first before going into battle :-).

    Since 1.04 - after a successful Sealion - allied convois now arrive in Egypt and Russia, so the income is not lost any more. US readiness increase is changed to a one time event so they don´t join immediately during a Sealion. But amphibious transport range has been reduced for Germany to 4, so England now can decide if they either want to keep their island or prefer to emigrate to Africa and hold the positions there. As long as their fleet with air reconnaissance is positioned right, they now should be able to defend at least one of them. The art of war here is logically not to equally spread the defenders out, so Axis can conquer both...that would most certainly mean end of war and game-over with UK surrendered ;-).

    Important changes in 1.05a vs 1.04:
  • Spotting range of airfleets and ground units have been halved concerning enemy ships, transports and amphibs. Therefore AFs can´t be used any more to spot incoming invasion forces and i.e. Royal Navy better screens the enemy ports along the western french coast to detect enemy amphibs embarking there, while the bomber guards the eastern coast of England (or the other way around) to prevent a Sealion.
  • Paratroopers are hidden under FoW when preparing and now also much cheaper, so always be prepared and protect your important cities against a jump. Especially Germany and their minors have to be much more careful now. If a capital gets lost, they surrender immediately, so make sure they are protected or the enemy out of range for sure - range is 6 + LongRange tech = max 11 hexes + 1 hex the Para can move after the jump !
  • Engineers are also much cheaper and hidden under FoW when fortifying, the right use of them can save you a lot of trouble later (e.g. by fortifying the sea/land tiles in Denmark, fortifications in southern France...)
  • Conquered/liberated countries will go to the nation of the unit conquering/liberating the capital now. For Iraq and middle east this means that Russia now can liberate it without loosing its supply and UK doesn´t get mpps any more from a by Russia liberated or conquered Iraq (only Russia gets the ressources). In Scandinavia only Germany will get mpps from the scandinavian ressources via their convois, no matter if Italy or Germany conquers the nations there or if it remains neutral. So it is no mpp advantage any more for Axis to conquer Scandinavia.
  • Transports/amphibs take twice as much damage against combat ships and are not protected any more by weather etc., so better protect them with your fleet and don´t use them any more for scouting purposes
  • Morale bonus by conquered/liberated countries got reduced and has a cap of 150%, so preemptive DoWs are not necessary any more.

    Important changes in 1.06 vs 1.05a:
  • Bombers have their full spotting range concerning ships and transports back - making them excellent spotters of incoming invasion forces (keyword: Sealion) and supporter of fleets in battle.
  • Turkish defence has been improved (entrenchment 4/6 in cities). So it´s not that easy any more to take it in only one turn.

Who is interested in the further finenesses of the game – especially the effects of various DoWs – should have a look into the scripts that can be found in the according scenario folder and are open to public.

In the forum you can find further tipps and tricks, as well as the possibility to ask questions any time :-).

Decissive is always to take care what the opponent is doing, to develope the right countermessures and to adopt to the opponent and his strategy. As Allies you have to be patient and never get discouraged. If the axis player knows what he is doing, then Allies will not be able to put up a real resistance before 1942/43 – more likely 43/44. Usually Axis will first conquer half of Russia before the allied superiority in ressources, number of units and the axis supply problems will come into effect so Allies get their chance to turn the tide. Most of the russian ressources are far in the east and the US industrial capacity needs its time to gear up. So Axis standing in front of Stalingrad means everything but game over: usually the war will then just start to really begin :-).

Have exciting games and a lot of fun !

© November 2006 Terif, Die PanzerLiga
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