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The Godparenthood was founded for "Newbies" out of the initiative of members of the Panzerliga.
Occuring starting troubles shall be minimized by this.

The Godparents explain to the Newbies how to do the first matches, the points system (PVS) - in brief: everything players have to know for a succesful start at the PL ;-)

Please click on the Info-Symbol to get further details about "Godparenthood"
Infos Godparenthood

To get a godparent, just post a search in the forum section opponent finder and mention you are looking for a godparentship game or write to one of the already registered godparents below. if you like to become a "Godfather" or to engage a "Godparenthood" as a "Godchild" you can also send an e-mail to: M. Kessler
Godparent: For game:
von Kleist PG1
Opa ! OG
Parabellum PGII
M. Kessler PGII + OG
Amadeus SC 1 + SC 2
von Wagner PC + PG 1 + PGII
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