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About a smooth and fair game-course within the "Panzerliga" (PL) too guaranteed, following, shortly displayed rules are to be heeded.

Use the links in the text in order to receive further explanations if something should not be quite clear ;-)

1. Enrolment for "Panzerliga"
  1. you must enrole correctly, this means, your postal-address and e-mail address must be valid, (data are treated confidentially and not at third are relayed!)

  2. When you choose your League-name, please note, the following nicks are strictly forbidden, and will be deleted! Nicks with a force-glorifying background, nicks of left-or right radical origin, nicks of war-criminals, and also nicks with a rank (for example Sergeant Hooper etc.)

  3. Appearance-memberships and memberships of the same person with different League-names and email-addresses are not allowed!
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2. The Match
    Challenge for battle / Looking for an opponent

  1. All newbies have the possibility, to play in "Godparenthood" untill they are promoted from Examination-league to the 3nd league.

  2. Players of the first league are not allowed to challenge players of the Examination-League. Of course, players of the Exam. League can challenge players of the 1st league, "at their own risk".
    If the Player of Exam. League registeres to the "Opponent-Finder", he also can be challenged by players of the 1st league. A tip for newbies, don't wait, untill you will be challenged, have a look at the league standings, and challenge one or more players there!

  3. Course of Matches

  4. Each match must be played in "Mirror-Mode", this means, two games each match.In the first game you are the attacker (the challenger), in the second game you are the defender. Please read the complete rules about PBEM- and Online-playing.

  5. Before starting the match, you have to clarify all conditions with your opponent, game-version, choosen szenario, prestige settings and if you will play with or without the option "Cancel a turn".

  6. Each player must play with the same version of the game, it's absolutely necessary to update your version to the current version !

  7. Cheating and reloading is strictly forbidden, and will be punished.Also the delaying of a match.

  8. Scoring

  9. The match will be counted with the PVS of the "Panzerliga".

  10. Only the Winner is allowed to report a game result.If the result was a draw, also the loser may report.

  11. It's not allowed, to register a match in Panzerliga and in an other league.This match only must be reported in Panzerliga.

  12. If you don't play one match each 12 months, you have the status "missed", and a little later the status "killed in action", so you are out of Panzerliga.
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3. Generally
  1. Generally in Panzerliga and in forum insults are strictly forbidden, please remember the "Netiquette".

  2. The rules for Tournaments are created by the Leader of Tournaments.

  3. In violations against the Panzerliga-rules, the Court anytime is able to impose sanctions.All the possible sanctions can be shown at the punishment-list.
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