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Welcome to the PanzerLiga
Online- und PBEM-League. At present you can assess following games:

- Panzer Corps
- Strategic Command
- Strategic Command 2 + Expansion
- Panzer General I
- Panzer General II
- Panzer General 3D
- Panzer General 3DSE
- Allied General
- Peoples General
- Pazific General
- Open General

You also find a great forum, scenarios, technical instructions and many many more...

Furthermore at regular intervals there are tournaments for all games.

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A short introduction on how PL works and FAQ from new players can be found in the forum here:
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Panzerliga is free from advertising, uncommercial and independant - thanks to the voluntary donations of its members.
Many thanks for the ones who participate in financing the PL so far to maintain it in its present form:

0815, Amadeus, bschelle, Bütti, Darth Vader, Eichhorst, Franco, hoza, GMF Lisinski, Königstiger, Kurt, Manstein, M. Kessler, Löwenherz, Opa !, Parabellum, Puma, Priom, Ralley, RamsesII, Rincewind2, Rorschach, Rupp, RQRD, Rufus T Firefly, Shadow, Sturmtiger, Terif, Udonello, von Kleist und zero_g

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from Thursday, 15.09.2016 17:15
We have an new PG II Playing-Idear. A team with 3 players can play a campaign against a other team... Join into a team and the table of the new modus you can find into the forum

have fun with the new Challange :)
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from Wednesday, 06.07.2016 07:48
19th PG3D-Meisterschaft "Neuland" ended
The new champ is von-Stransky! Congratulations to the winner an d all participants!
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from Friday, 01.07.2016 09:30
Second PGII Season 2016 has begun !
First Season 2016 for PGII has ended and the next one started.

The first five places are:
Darth Vader, RamsesII, madness40, dasulza, hoza

Bonus points have been added, decorations will be distributed shortly. Detailed results can be downloaded below.

During the last season several players earned their next Generalfeldmarschallstar:

1st Star: Darth Vader
2nd Star: Schlieffen
3rd Star: von Wagner und Sunray
5th Star: hoza

Congratulations to everyone and have fun in the new season !
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from Wednesday, 06.04.2016 12:40
Leagues can continue
Reprogramming of our Website is nearly finished and the important stuff is working. Especially you can now enter reports again and they will be processed by our System.

Some smaller things are still being reprogrammed. Court is not working for the time being and there are some cosmetic Errors like missing pictures in your Wehrpass and such. In time this will be fixed.

from Monday, 07.03.2016 20:27
Leagues timeout
Our normal Single and Overall Leagues unfortunately have to go on hiatus for the time beeing. Our Software has been in use for many years and is now no longer supported by our Webhoster. Until we are able to upgrade it, please do not send new reports for Single/Overall Leagues - they will not reach our database. More Information will be provided via Forum.

Good News is that tournaments, events, manoevers and campaign league will continue.

from Sunday, 07.02.2016 14:22
new Panzerliga - PG II Version 4.0
After one Year we have an update of our PG II Version. We killed some Bugs, make some Upgrades and new Scenarios.

Have Fun with the new Version :)
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from Friday, 01.01.2016 12:05
New season 2016 starts !
Happy New Year and further on exciting games !

Here an overview of the first ranks in each played single league in the last season 2015:

PGII: Hoza, RamsesII, von-Stransky, madness40, Parabellum
OG: 08 15, Spasteur de Mont Tonnerre, Dietrich von Bern, Puma, M. Kessler
PG-Series: NORDWIND, Darth Vader, martin1980, madness40
SC-Series: Ritter von Thoma, Sunray, Don, Zeke Tucker, Lebenskünstler
PC: Sunray, Löwenherz, Schlieffen, von Wagner, Cäsar012
Wild League: M. Kessler, bschelle

Additionally several Generals reached their next Generalfeldmarschallstars:
1. Stern: dasulza, ralfei und Don
5. Stern: Löwenherz

Congratulations to all winners and new Generalfeldmarschalls :-).

Bonus Points for each of the first five Players have been added, medals will be awarded by the decoration department later :-).

Single leagues have been reset to 0.
The collected single league results can be downloaded by following the link below (especially useful e.g. to look for opponents in the particular game).

Have fun in the new season !
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from Friday, 30.10.2015 21:14
End of 18th PGII Tournament
Congratulation to the winner of the 18th PGII Tournament "The early years".
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from Saturday, 03.10.2015 10:19
Start 13th PGII Tournament "Africa"
Today on 25th German Reunification Day, the 13th PGII Tournament begins ...
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from Sunday, 13.09.2015 16:04
Medals on 13th of Sep
Today´s medals!
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from Tuesday, 25.08.2015 19:52
New Open General Event
Since today you can jo into the 5th Open General Tournament. Look at the Forum or write an email to the Head of Tournament. Have Fun !!!
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from Tuesday, 30.06.2015 17:49
Start of 18th PG3D-Championship
Tonight 00:00h the 18th PG3D-Championship begins.
Fight the "Early Years"!
Good luck!
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from Sunday, 28.06.2015 21:19
12th PGII-Manouver finished
Today the 12th PGII-Manouver finished.
Winner is Puma. Second Best 08 15 and Third is Gonzinator!
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from Saturday, 14.02.2015 20:45
Start of the 12th PGII-Tournament
Today (14th Feb) starts the 12th PGII-Tournament ...
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from Monday, 02.02.2015 14:06
Countdown 12th PGII-Tournament
Hey guys,
the 12th PGII-Tournament "Airborne Operations" is coming soon.
Details and register see Link below.
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from Wednesday, 28.01.2015 16:04
17th PGII Championship finished
Today finished the 17th PGII Championship! The planning for the comming tournament can start now!
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from Thursday, 01.01.2015 16:46
Changes Single Leagues
For 2015 our Single Leagues got reorganized:

PGII and OG stay the same and with 6 months duration. Panzer Corps has been prolonged to 12 months.

Panzer General Series is now united, goes 12 months and consists of the former four leagues: PG1, AG, DG, PGIV.

Strategic Command Series consisting of SC1+2 also is now united and 12 months.

Additionally a "Wild League" has been implemented for new games.

Game reports are activated, you can start filling up the single leagues again :-).

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