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Welcome to the PanzerLiga
Online- und PBEM-League. At present you can assess following games:

- Panzer Corps
- Strategic Command
- Strategic Command 2 + Expansions
- Strategic Command 3 + Expansions
- Panzer General I
- Panzer General II
- Panzer General 3D
- Panzer General 3DSE
- Allied General
- Peoples General
- Pazific General
- Open General

You also find a great forum, scenarios, technical instructions and many many more...

Furthermore at regular intervals there are tournaments for all games.

A short introduction on how PL works and FAQ from new players can be found in the forum here:
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Panzerliga is free from advertising, uncommercial and independant - thanks to the voluntary donations of its members.
Many thanks for the ones who participate in financing the PL so far to maintain it in its present form:

0815, Amadeus, bschelle, Bütti, Darth Vader, Eichhorst, Franco, hoza, GMF Lisinski, Königstiger, Kurt, Manstein, M. Kessler, Löwenherz, Opa !, Parabellum, Puma, Priom, Ralley, RamsesII, Rincewind2, Rorschach, Rupp, RQRD, Rufus T Firefly, Shadow, Sturmtiger, Terif, Udonello, von Kleist und zero_g
Game reports
You can register as new player and report your game results in the forum:

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