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Guckst Du nur!
All sanctions that the court martial of the PL can impose are listed here below.

1. Taking advantage of a bug in a game: - 3 points + loss of the match
There are bugs in some of the games supported in the PL that unfortunately cannot be removed with the help of our updates without access to the source code of a game. That applies above all to the good old PG3D, the most frequently played strategy classic in the PL. Even after the installation of our PL-update the game unfortunately still contains some bugs:
  • Ship-in-port bug
    Strangely enough, ships are able to block ports. These ships can then only be attacked by planes, artillery, tanks, anti-tank guns und special forces (engineers, paratroops, gvardeyskaja etc.) and are even then able to survive several turns most of the time. Since real ships cannot occupy cities but only harbours at the most, and since they are vulnerable to assaults or blasts if located there, the occupation of ports by ships of any kind is not allowed.
  • River bug
    This annoying programming error cannot be used for taking advantage of it but it nevertheless causes replays to crash in PG3D once and again. The river bug may occur when units on or near water or marsh hexes get attacked and / or destroyed. When the opponent watches the replay it frequently crashes at this very spot. Of cause, no penal points will be imposed for this because you cannot take advantage of the river bug. But since it repeatedly leads to applications to the court martial it should be mentioned here ;)
  • Air transport available at supply hexes near the water.
    This applies to maps where the supply hexes are located at the water (Salerno, Malta, etc.). From there it may be possible to transport a new-bought infantry unit via sea as well as air. This bug is actually removed by the new PL-update for PG3D. If the bug should occur again for whatever reason then it is of cause unsportsmanlike and thus forbidden to take advantage of it.
  • Recon bug
    It is possible to move a scout car once and shoot with it and then - if no other enemy units are detected - to take the move back with the "back" button. This bug is actually removed by the new PL-update for PG3D. If the bug should occur again for whatever reason then it is of cause unsportsmanlike and thus forbidden to take advantage of it.
  • Artillery bug
    After the purchase of artillery it is possible - as long as you still hold an unused reinforcement unit in reserve - to fire the ammunition of the gun from the supply position and then to exchange the gun afterwards. This bug is actually removed by the new PL-update for PG3D. If the bug should occur again for whatever reason then it is of cause unsportsmanlike and thus forbidden to take advantage of it.
Taking advantage of any bug existing in one of the games supported by the PanzerLiga (including bugs not listed here explicitly) is unsportsmanlike and will logically thus be punished by the court martial when the opponent reports it.

If it should happen that you discover a bug that has survived somehow despite our updates, please report the bug in question to the head to either:M. Kessler, or Terif . Because only then we can take care of any extant bugs and weed them out in an update extension.
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2. Game delay: -4 points + loss of the match
Basic rule in the PL: if the opponents do not otherwise agree, there is a deadline of7 days wherein you should send either a new pbem turn of the current match to your opponent or play the return match of an online match.
After those 7 days have passed you may notify your forgetful / busy opponent (kindly!) that his new turns or the online return match are overdue. Does your opponent not respond within the following 3 days you are free to send an application to the court martial concerning game delay. Further reading on this topic you will find under point 4 in section B of the penal code.
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3. Manipulation of turns / scenarios: - 8 points + loss of the match
The altering of points (to raise them), of strength or of combat values of units as well as any other possible manipulation of scenarios is prohibited.

Exceptions: construction of scenarios (!) and if the opponent gets the same altered scenario send to before the match starts and agrees to use it for the match.
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4. Altering of pbem turns / online scores: -6 points + loss of the match
The repeated loading of turns (reloads) - mostly done to achieve a certain desired outcome or to locate the position of enemy forces in the first try - is unsportsmanlike and contradicts the spirit of fairness and will thus - like any other cheat - be penalized. When a turn's replay crashes, or in the replay text (will be created with CheatChecker) units several actions perform (except units with special abilities, like tanks after "overrun" or scout cars) or suddenly the actions of one's own units of the previous turn shows, is that a hint to a reload. The replay of a turn may crash without an opponent's reload but if you are not sure - just make an application to the court martial and attach the opponents turns (at the side of the court martial).

The court martial will then investigate the turns concerning reloads or any other cheats. Is a reload verifiable in the reload text of a turn via CheatCecker or with the help of other indications (there are several of them ... "g") then a reload decision will be executed.

Exception (PG-series):
Opening moves of pbem games. Since opening moves, due to the fact that for their generation no score is loaded (because they themselves create the very base for that), may not always reveal how many tries preceded them, opening moves are not subject to the reload rule. It is true that this is not a satisfying solution but that which you cannot precisely check you might as well release ... And on the other hand you can take it that players are able to plan their opening moves better this way. An opening move gets consequently an own strategic component and does not depend so strongly on chance any more, i.e. depending on the special abilities that you can now try to achieve (for the different scenarios are not always the same special abilities the "best"). To make sure that the replay of an opening move works perfectly, you have to start the game before each opening move anew. So if you are not satisfied with an opening move and like to try it over again, be so kind and exit the game first, start it again and only then create another opening move.

This exception does not apply for Strategic Command !
In Strategic Command restarts are generally forbidden. But since this is more a rule of honour and to make restarts non-profitable: if in the 1939 Fall Weiss scenario Poland surrenders in turn 1, then Germany has to restart its turn (i.e. it is not allowed to force Poland to surrender in turn 1). The first allied turn falls under the replay prohibition.
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5. Wilful / 3rd time crash in online games: - 8 points if crash caused wilfully + loss of the match
If an online games crashes three times on the part of the same player (per single game and not per match !) the player whose connection did not get crashed may turn to the court martial to get the whole match credited as the winner. As "means of evidence" he has to send the desktop photos of the victory scores in, which are shown after the crash of an online game to the player whose connection did not crash. A crash in an online game occurs normally either because the guidelines of the online tutorial were not followed - or wilfully to evade an undesirable outcome of a game.

However, it may happen that an internet connection gets cut off because of translation errors / overload of the net / faulty knots in the net or other faults on the part of the provider. Therefore the maximum crash rate was set to three times per single game.
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6. Repeat offenders: Doubling of the penal points from the 3rd repetition onward plus demotion from the 6th repetition on.
To all violations of rules (except point 3) applies: from the 3rd repetition of the same kind of violation onward (i.e. 3 times game delay) the number of subtracted penal points double.

From the 6th total violation on the player in question will get in addition to the due point deduction (and the possible resulting demotion) demoted by one rank.

More serious breaks of the rules like repeated manipulation of turns/scenarios (point 3), will result in an dishonourable dismissal.
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You are welcomed to send any questions or suggestions concerning the penal code or the pbem section via e-mail to M. Kessler, or Terif .

But for the time being have fun and enjoy the pixel stalk ...

wortlord, Die PanzerLiga 2003
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