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Guckst Du nur!

The council of the PanzerLiga ("Ligarat").
Here you can find your contact person/the responsible for each section - also for questions and suggestions

To send directly an e-mail, push the "E-Mail" Button.

Terif: - Head of the league including examination and registration
- Support and update of the PL site (except events and godparenthood
- Forum administrator

Mail to Terif
RamsesII: - Treasurer
- Head of the decoration department
- Head of the PGII campaign mode
- Team PGII/OG and Tournament/Championship
- Forum moderator

Mail to RamsesII
M.Kessler: - E-File development OG and PGII
- Head of PGII und OG Tournament/Championship
- Godparenthood
- Forum administrator

Mail to M.Kessler
Parabellum: - Quality Management

Mail to Parabellum
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