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Guckst Du nur!


This is an open maneuver. Open means that also player outside the Panzerliga may join to the tourny.
Here are the preliminary Rules of the Panzercorps Tournament:

1) Every player has a player name and a known e-mail address

2) Registration goes up to 2012-01-31.

3) At least one of these scenarios should be nominated to play:
  • 01 Dnjepr

  • 02 Dampfroller gegen Stahl (Steamroller against Steel

  • 03 Rückkehr nach Kiew (Kiev)

  • 04 Eiserne Kreuz, Roter Stern (Iron Cross, Red Star)

  • 05 Schlacht an der Bzura (Battle of the Bzura)

  • 06 Die Bersaglieri und der Bär (Bersaglieri and the Bear)

  • 07 Burchbruch im Bocage (Bocage Breakout)

  • 08 Hylan-Tal (Hylan Valley)

  • 09 Operaltion Huntress

  • 10 Partisanenaufstand (Partisan Uprising)

  • 11 Der eisige Norden (The Frozen North)

  • 12 Häuserkampf (Urban Warface)

  • 13 Kriegsspiele (War Games)

  • 4) The couples should agree to one of the scenarios as follow. First named player of a match nominate two scenarios. At least one scenario must be a real balanced scenario (No. 01 – 13). The second named player takes one of the nominate scenarios and open the game by “Issue a challenge” in the Multiplayer game menu.

    5) Every game has to be a paired game and has to be finished in 30 days. Each turn must be played in 2 days. Exceptions to this rule have to be communicated in advance to the opponent or arbitrator. Any case of doubt is judged by arbitrator as well.

    6) Results has to be reported to Amadeus or in the Panzerliga Forum.

    7) Short messages or After Action Reports are pretty welcome too.

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