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Guckst Du nur!

Rules of the Tournamant:

1. Tournament participation:
This tournament is open for members of all leagues and players without a league. Participate can everyone by sending an E-mail to the head of the Tournament:

2. Game version of Panzerliga:
Who didn´t update so far should install it as soon as possible! PL-Version 5.0

3. Match:
The player couples will be drawn by lot and immediately be announced before tournament start. A match always consists of two games with the same scenario. This way each player is once attacker and once defender. Both games will be played simultaneously. At the beginning of each game the player on the left side in the chart starts a game with the preset settings against his opponent listed on the right side of the chart. Which replys the turn and starts a new game with the preset settings himself. When the match is finished, both players have to report the result to the heads of the tournament. Until 3 days after a match - respectively its report - the heads of the tournament everytime have the right to check the results ! Therefore both players are obligated to save and keep their game turns until at least 3 days after a game ended and got reported. In case the players can´t bring in the turn saves, this game will be forfeit.

4. Valuation:
Qualified for the next round is the player who decided both games for himself or won one of the games faster than his opponent.

In case the match ends in a draw, the following criterias come into play to identify the winner:
- The player, who needed the least number of turns to win his game as attacker or defender, wins.
- The player, who as defender owns more victory hexes (colour gold or gold-green), wins.
- The player, who as defender owns more supply hexes (colour green), wins.
- The player, who as defender owns more Non-Victory-Objects (e.g. cities and airfields), wins.
- The player, who at the end has left the most units, wins. Additional report via the known report form for valuation in the regular league.

5. Report:
Please report the beginning and the result of a scenario in the Thread Report - Meisterschaften // Manöverergebnisse within the Panzerliga-Forum. For joining the Forum you need an extra Log-In, please choose the same nickname as in the Panzerligaregistration. If the result is not clear, both players send their last turns including password to the heads of the tournament.

6. Time limit:
To finish each match there is a time limit (depending on the length of the scenario). Therefore it will be necessary to complete and send a turn minimum every 2-3 days ! In case a player should delay the match unnecessarily, the heads of the tournament have to be informed. If this then doesn´t change after a warning by the heads of the tournament, the according player will be disqualified. The player who had to wait will enter the next round. Each sent mail incl. game turns should be saved. This will serve as evidence, who is responsible for potential delays. If it is not possible for one of the players to keep within the time limit, the heads of the tournament have to be informed immediately. In case of understandable circumstances (serious medical condition, vacation, business trip) the time limit can be extended. If all matches of one round end premature, the next round will start immeditately.

Special rules

7. Reload and Replay crashes:
To reload (i.e. load the same turn more than once) is strictly forbidden and results in disqualification ! Sign therefore is usually a replay crash. Note: This crash can also have different reasons. Suspicious facts will be strictly pursued. So please play fair.

8. Deploying auxiliary forces:
Auxiliary forces must be deployed, may not be selled.

9. Undo button:
The usage of the undo button is forbidden. Also usage by mistake will be punished with a warning. Multiple usage can result in disqualification of the according player.

10. Blocking of port-hexes:
As soon as an enemy ground unit that could occupy a port hex (i.e. Artillerie and flak excluded), enters an adjacent hex, the according player has to move his ship out of port in the next turn respectively unload his transport ship.

11. draw:
If a draw in a match, we play a new scenario. The Scenario choose the Head of the Tournament :o)

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