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With the points awarding system (PAS) at the PL we try to evaluate the game specifics of the Games:
  • Panzer Corps
  • Panzer General 1
  • Panzer General II
  • Allied General
  • Pazific General
  • Panzer General 3D
  • Panzer General 3DSE
  • Peoples General
in a universally valid system.

Attention! Strategic Command is valued separately

With this we try to evaluate the playing skills of every General in battle.

Please mind that different game versions have different results.
So a successful defence is only to be found at PG 1 and PG 3D, while in the single valuation draw in these games is missing.

Constructive criticism is welcome at all time ;-)

Guideline for how to report your games (Standard is a mirror game = both players play both sides = 1 match):
- first you add the results of both games
- you determine who won the match
(in case both won a game, the one who won his game faster is the match winner)
- then you add the match points to the points of the winner
(looser only gets match points in case of a draw)
- in case the looser has no points yet, but he fought till the end, he gets one action point
- enter the points in the Games-Report form and choose yes/no for the difficulty bonus

1. Assessment of the Single player results A and B
The Single player results (kind of win) of A (attacking game) and B (defending game) plus the needed number of turns are shown in

Allied General
Pazific General
Panzer General 3D
Panzer General 3DSE

by the notification on the result screen at the end of the Game.

Panzer General 1
Panzer General II

by the status screen (number of turns/number of the remaining turns) at the last move or in the name of the PBEM file.

Following results are possible:

Attacker game A
Glorious/Decisive victory
See result screen or if you won before you reach the maximum number of turns in a scenario it is a glorious victory (e.g. the scenario has 20 turns, but you win before that i.e. in turn 19 or earlier)
3 Points
Tactical victory/ simple victory 2 Points
Attention! Doesn't exist in the single valuation of PG 1 and PG II
1 Point
Defeat is when the attacker was not able to secure all victory hexes (successful defense) or the attacker was defeated by the defender (defender victory).
0 Points
Defender game B
0 Punkte
Attention! Doesn't exist in the single valuation of PG 1 and PG II.
1 Point
Successful Defense
The defender holds at least one victory hex at the end of the game
1 Point
Defenders victory
The defender defeats the attacker. Depending on how fast it becomes differentiated like the attacker Game in:
Defender victory 3 Points
Tactical victory/ simple (defender) victory 2 Points

The results from the Single games A and B are added. Winner of the match is the one leading in points.
If points are the same (e.g. both had the same kind of victory), then the player who won faster (= needed less turns) is the winner of the match. Are both the same the match is a draw.
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2. Match valuation
The winner gets more points which evaluate his actions in the match.
In the event of a draw both Generals will receive 2 points each.
Furthermore there are special points in particular cases.

The here awarded points have to be added to the result of the Single player valuation.

Total Match valuation
Dual victory A
Winning both Single games A (attacker victory) and B (defender victory) with two Glorious Victories.
4 Points
Dual victory B
Winning of both Single games A (Assaulter victory) and B (defender victory) with a glorious and/or tactical/simple victories.
3 Points
Simple victory
Both Generals achieved one victory each (It doesn't matter what kind of victory), but one of the players was faster than the other player and therefore is the match winner. Only the winner gets 2 points, the other player gets 0 !
2 Points
Both Players had one glorious or a tactical victory in exactly the same number of turns. This is the only case where both players get 2 points each for the match !
2 Points
Here one General lost both games (A and B). A Defeat is the counterpart to the dual victories A and B.
0 Points

Special points
Difficulty bonus

Attention !
You do NOT add those points to the result, instead you choose yes/no in the Games-Report form. The difficulty bonus only counts for the Overall-League and is not shown in the result

Players who obtained a win or a draw (in the total match valuation) against a skillful opponent receive the gravity bonus.
For this the opponent has to be at least 3 echelons higher. (Example: The Player is ranked Lieutenant so he gets the bonus when his opponent is a Major or higher).
2 Points
Action bonus
Players who lost both games and did not receive any points at the single game evaluation do get an action bonus for special appreciation of completing the match. It doesn´t matter if he achieved a successful defense (i.e. has already a point) or if he has no points at all after match valuation.
1 Point
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